The ring tube light fitted to some of our steam showers is of a fluorescent type. In order to function, the tube uses a Ballast, which is normally located on the cabin roof.

If your ring tube stops working or is flickering, you need to replace the ring light.

To replace the ring light:

1: Disconnect the water to your shower.

2: Remove the hose that supplies water to the Monsoon Shower head and unscrew the nut that holds the monsoon head in place.
3: Remove the monsoon from within the shower and remove the lights cover.

4: The light clips into place and has a 4 pin plug to supply the power from the Ballast.

Replacing the Ballast also requires the removal of the light cover to enable access to remove the power connector to the tube.


There is an upgrade option that features LED lights. This replacement light, offers low power consumption and longer life over the traditional fluorescent tube and simply replaces the tube and ballast on your current model with the same connections. The LED light is a very simple to fit upgrade and is available from the SSP website here:-