If you have a small amount of water that is collecting in the tub/base and not running out of the waste this is because the tub has not been correctly set up and tested in place.

The base MUST be tested when it is initially put into what will be its final position


Ensure that the water is able to run completely to the waste.

If the base appears to have a shallow dip in it at any place, then adjust the feet under the tub to raise the middle a little.

The water in my shower is not exiting the waste fast enough

If the water is not leaving the waste fast enough this is because there is not enough 'Fall

Fall refers to when a pipe is required to allow water to run though. To do this the pipe must be on an angle, the greater the angle, the faster the water will run though. Insufficient Fall results in slow moving water exiting the drain of your shower or bath on the waste assembly.