All Smart Price Warehouse steam showers, whirlpool baths and shower cabins require a waste Trap to be fitted. Water using appliances and fittings within a house, have a water trap in the waste pipe to provide a water seal to the drains or atmosphere. This helps to prevent smells, bacteria and insects entering the property. A toilet or sink trap may also be refered to as the U Bend.

Waste traps can be purchased from most good plumbing supply companies.Some customers have asked how to overcome fitting a trap, when the shower is either installed onto a concrete or other solid floor, especially low level tubs/trays.

In these circumstances, fitting a SELF SEALING WASTE, is advisable. Being no thicker than the actual waste pipe, these give little or no restriction underneath the tray.

Ask your plumbing supply company or search Google for a: HEPVO SELF SEALING WASTE VALVE. Choosing a HEPV0 trap can also eliminate the need to purchase a McAlpine ST28M as the HEPV0 can be purchased with the appropriate reducing/enlarging ends to enable a good tight connection.

The McAlpine28-NRV is an option you can use where you have enough space under the tub/base/floor to employ its use. The 28-NRV is a Non-Return Valve type with Top Access for cleaning.