All of these showers require a 1 x hot and a 1 x cold water supply feed. The required water pipes, should be installed and fed to a position that is approximately 1 metre off the floor in the corner or central position of the room, where the shower is to be fitted.

Balanced water pressure is required above 2 bar. Should you have a Combi Boiler, you will not need a pump but you may require to have a Pressure Equalising Valve [PEV] fitted, to maintain balanced pressure to both the hot and cold supply at all times.

If your water supply uses a gravity fed system, it is recommended you fit a pump to provide the required water pressure for the shower cabin. Should the main water tank in your property, be situated above the proposed shower head position, then a Positive Head pump will suffice. In circumstances where the shower head is positioned above the main water tank, a Negative Head pump will be needed. Where a pump is being fitted, you will not require a Pressure Equalising Valve, as the pump will keep the pressure balanced on gravity fed systems.

Where an unvented hot water cylinder system like a Mega Flow is installed, these will produce sufficient balanced pressure for our showers to operate efficiently. Other types or brands of unvented hot water cylinders may vary, so it is advisable to check with the individual manufacturers or suppliers. In rare situations where the distance between the hot water cylinder and shower is extreme, i.e. cylinder on the ground floor, shower on the 5th floor, there may be a pressure issue so again, do check this with your installer or manufacturer. This information is for guidance only so in all cases, please confirm your plumbing requirements with your fitter.

We can supply a Salamander Shower Pump [Positive Head] and a Pressure Equalising Valve but do not supply other plumbing materials. The steam shower cabins are freestanding units and accordingly, we suggest that your fitter does not install the shower unit into a position where this cannot be moved away from the wall if required. The couplings on the shower cabin that connects this to your water supply, are standard 15mm compression fittings.

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