In the main, our  showers should be fitted by a plumber or qualified installer as they are not really intended as a DIY type product. 

That said, if you already have a hot and cold water supply in the room and waste outlet, plus a nearby electricity supply if this is required with your choice of shower, then this part of the install process is minimal.

The major task, is unpacking and assembling the shower unit itself and it is possible, that you could do this part of the install yourself. As a general guide, if you could easily put together a large IKEA type flat pack wardrobe, then you'll likely also be able to assemble one of these showers.

Whether you attempt the plumbing side of the install, is entirely down to your own skills and judgement. However, do be aware that is now illegal to carry out electrical work in the home yourself and this must be done by a Part P qualified electrician.

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